Chinese scientists find key evidence for existence of nanohertz gravitational waves

A group of Chinese scientists have recently discovered key evidence supporting the existence of nanohertz gravitational waves, marking a new era in nanohertz gravitational wave research. The findings have been published online in the academic journal Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics (RAA) on Thursday, the Global Times learned from the National Astronomical Observatories of the […]

176 hospital heads probed amid anti-corruption campaign in healthcare sector

China's corruption watchdog has probed 176 hospital heads over the past few weeks during a "sweeping, more vigorous than ever" anti-corruption campaign in the healthcare sector, which experts said aims to eradicate corruption in the field and restore public trust in the healthcare system. Since China started the sweeping anti-corruption drive in the public health sector […]

China tops world in artificial forest area, makes world-leading efforts in desertification control: authority

China has made continuous improvement in ecosystem quality with the most contribution to the global increase in green areas, made world-leading efforts in desertification control with over 300 million mu of desertification control achieved, and made significant achievements in national park construction, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration said on Tuesday. Over the past decade, […]

Ukraine crisis enters 'garbage time,' likely to last long: experts

This past weekend saw continued fighting between Russia and Ukraine on the frontlines and behind the lines. Dozens of battles were reported in frontline areas, while airports, train stations and other targets in both countries were hit. Although the battle is burning its way into Russian territory, neither side has much ability to change the […]

Chinese cities see marriage registration rise on Qixi Festival following cross-regional program

The number of marriage registrations in multiple cities across China increased year-on-year on Tuesday, the day of the traditional Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day. It was the first Qixi since the country expanded an inter-provincial marriage registration pilot program to 21 provincial-level regions. Experts noted on Wednesday that the year-on-year rise in […]

Tourists receive lifetime ban for feeding giant panda bamboo and peanuts after entering panda breeding base

Two tourists have been banned for life after entering the giant panda breeding base in southwest China and feeding a panda bamboo and peanuts. A 39-year-old man surnamed Han and a 51-year-old woman surnamed Liang entered the base's giant panda cub enclosure and fed a panda cub bamboo shoots and peanuts on Saturday afternoon, according […]

Physical exercises revive oracle bone inscriptions

A set of physical exercises designed based on oracle bone inscriptions has been publicized to promote traditional Chinese culture and language by China's Ministry of Education.   The exercises were initiated by Anyang Normal University (ANU) in Central China's Henan Province and designed by its School of Music. Consisting of 19 characters of the oracle […]

Snake fungal disease spreading in eastern United States

There’s a deadly fungus spreading among snakes in the United States. But don’t cheer. As much as snakes might frighten us, they’re important players in the ecosystem, and we really don’t want to lose them. In 2006, scientists discovered some odd skin infections among snakes in declining populations in New Hampshire. Soon after, fungal infections […]

How to tell if a T. rex is expecting

Call it a T. rex pregnancy test. Chemical analyses of fingernail-sized slivers of bone can reveal whether a Tyrannosaurus rex was expecting, paleontologist Mary Schweitzer of North Carolina State University in Raleigh and colleagues report March 15 in Scientific Reports. The analyses confirm that T. rex had medullary bone, a type of reproductive tissue found […]

Zika may have flown to Brazil in 2013

The Zika virus may have hopped a ride on a 747 from Southeast Asia in 2013 to invade the Americas. Oliver Pybus, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Oxford, and his colleagues have retraced the virus’ steps in Brazil and pinpointed its introduction there to between May and December 2013. That coincides with a […]