State Grid Changzhou Power Supply Company pioneers smart low-voltage power distribution area

In a groundbreaking move at the end of December 2023, Changzhou Power Supply Company, based in Jiangsu Province, initiated a pilot project for the establishment of a smart low-voltage power distribution area in the Shanghong Yunfengyuan Community, Changzhou city. This innovative tool can automatically adjust distributed power resources for an enhanced grid interaction. In recent […]

China abstains on UNSC resolution over Red Sea crisis for fear of fueling tension

China, along with Algeria, Mozambique and Russia, abstained on a US-backed UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution demanding Houthi militia stop attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea, which was adopted on Wednesday with 11 voting for and zero against. Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the UN, explained China's abstention as certain revisions proposed […]

Chinese pair skaters eye grand prix final

China's figure skating team set their sights on competing in the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final on home ice as the skating pairs had an open training session on Thursday at the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing.  The 2023 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series consists of six international senior events that […]

New drama tells story of national brand innovation

With the new urban drama Rising with the Wind streaming on iQiyi, its topic is once again focusing audiences' interest on the inheritance and reshaping of traditional Chinese culture in today's modern world.   Starring Gong Jun and Zhong Chuxi, the drama tells the story of a group of young people who struggle to promote and […]

Diplomats attend exhibition of ‘Belt and Road’ Cooperation in Cultural Heritage and Archaeology

Diplomats from 12 countries' embassies and other Chinese and foreign guests gathered in Beijing's Palace Museum on September 28 to attend the launch of the Thriving for a Collaborative World: "Belt and Road" Cooperation in Cultural heritage and Archaeology event and exhibition.  Wang Xudong, president of the Palace Museum, Saida Shavkatovna Mirziyoyeva, assistant to the […]

Delving into the history of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Editor's Note: As of October 22, over 1.4 million people were displaced and over 6,000 fatalities have been reported amid the latest round of the Israeli-Palestinian armed conflict. Since the establishment of Israel in 1948, warns and armed conflicts have characterized relations between the two sides. Historically, Jews and Arabs, who created concurrent Jewish and […]

176 hospital heads probed amid anti-corruption campaign in healthcare sector

China's corruption watchdog has probed 176 hospital heads over the past few weeks during a "sweeping, more vigorous than ever" anti-corruption campaign in the healthcare sector, which experts said aims to eradicate corruption in the field and restore public trust in the healthcare system. Since China started the sweeping anti-corruption drive in the public health sector […]

Earth’s hurricanes have nothing on this quasar

When visiting the center of a galaxy nicknamed J0230, pack a sturdy windproof jacket. There, you will encounter a galactic hurricane with winds whipping at about 200 million kilometers per hour. At that speed, nearly 20 percent of the speed of light, a trip around Earth would take just 0.7 seconds. These are the fastest […]

Math models predict mysterious monarch navigation

Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) use their internal clock and the sun to guide them 4,000 kilometers south on their annual fall migration from eastern North America to central Mexico. Scientists have struggled to determine how butterfly brains combine visual cues from the sun with molecular timekeeping in their antennae to make the epic journey. A […]