Ancient Silk Road city Tianshui's iconic malatang dish sparks nationwide craze

Following Zibo and Harbin, Tianshui, an ancient Silk Road city in Northwest China's Gansu Province, became the latest place that has caused a nationwide craze thanks to its iconic dish malatang, a local street dish featuring a mix of fresh vegetables and meat boiled in a hot, spicy broth. As the name malatang suggests - literally meaning "numbing, spicy, and […]

American Gen-Zers embrace, promote friendship with Chinese counterparts

Editor's Note: The youth are the vanguards of our time, showcasing boundless energy and vibrant personalities. Gen-Zers not only represent the makers of the future but also serve as agents of change in the present. With an open mindset and an international outlook, they actively integrate into the currents of globalization, engaging in deep exchanges, […]

AI technologies, tools help Chinese archaeologists restore cultural relics, secure deals in antique trading market

Editor's Note: Big models, robots, intelligent manufacturing, autonomous driving… In recent years, AI (artificial intelligence) has frequently made headlines around the world as a hot topic of discussion. The emergence of generative AI programs has also created unemployment anxiety. The development of technology has indeed brought challenges in various aspects such as in ethics and […]

US reported tariffs on green Chinese exports, extending trade curbs hurt positive atmosphere of engagement and dialogue: expert

The US' reported plan to levy tariffs on imports from China's emerging industries and its commerce department's decision to add 37 Chinese entities in high-tech sectors are steps further down the path of clamping down on Chinese companies and decoupling with China, observers said on Friday, warning that there will be serious consequences. The Biden […]

Hungary’s strategy of connectivity stands out in today’s increasingly divided world: scholar

Hungary-China cooperation will continue to expand in the future, and the visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Hungary will help accelerate the development of bilateral relations and EU-China relations, Gladden Pappin, President of Hungarian Institute of International Affairs, told the Global Times in an exclusive interview.  Chinese President Xi is paying state visits to […]

Xinjiang becomes bridgehead in westward opening-up, embraces boundless development opportunities

"Xinjiang is a wonderful land!" This was the feeling shared by every Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Forum "Year of Tourism 2023" participant. It not only marks the first tourism-themed forum to be held by the SCO, but also the first time the Xinjiang regional government has served as a co-organizer of such a large-scale international […]