US Ambassador thanks China for rescuing US citizens in danger

US Ambassador to China expressed his profound gratitude to Beijing officials and residents on Friday for their efforts in rescuing US citizens in danger during the 2024 Spring Festival holidays.

According to the official WeChat account of the North America and Oceania Division of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during the 2024 Spring Festival holidays, more than 10 US citizens camping in suburban Beijing encountered danger. The Beijing Municipal Public Security, fire rescue, foreign affairs and other departments immediately activated the emergency rescue coordination mechanism, mobilizing more than 150 people for the rescue work, successfully rescuing the American citizens in danger and providing timely medical treatment.

US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns and the rescued American nationals specially thanked representatives of the units participating in the rescue in Beijing in person on Friday, and presented a banner to express gratitude for the professional and efficient work of Beijing's fire and rescue teams and medical teams, as well as their international humanitarian spirit.

Burns praised the Chinese side for their "heroism, courage and right action" on "a very difficult evening in terms of the climate, the weather, the cold temperatures and the treacherous conditions."

Thanking all those who took part in the rescue work, Burns said they proved that night that Chinese and Americans can work together to do great things.

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